Theatre Practice


> 2017 > Laverton, Victoria > Script and Stage Direction, Production


In line with Gabriela Australia’s 21st anniversary celebration, I have written, devised, and directed a short performance that essayed various understanding of rage and love in the context of migrant women’s struggle and movement in Australia. The 21 years of experience of the organisation Gabriela Australia in advocating the need to end domestic violence experienced by marriage migrants, as well as the forced migration of Filipinas to overseas destinations was the inspiration of this 30-minute performance of poetry, music, and movement. It also featured poetries written by the award-winning playwright and poet, academic, and well-known Gabriela Philippines member Ms. Josephine “Joi” Barrios-Le Blanc.


“PAGSASANAY SA HEYOGRAPIYA” (Migrante Melbourne’s Tipanang Pangkultura/Cultural Gathering)

> 2016 > Uniting Church, Murumbeena, Victoria > Script, Direction, and Production Design and Management >


(Photo by Yvette Zuniga)

My foray into Filipino Migrant Community Theatre started in 2012. However, the most recent project that I spearheaded was reinvigorating the Tipanang Pangkultura (Cultural Gathering/Event) of the Filipino organisation Migrante Melbourne in Victoria Australia. Tipanang Pangkultura is an annual project aimed at raising the consciousness of Filipino migrants on issues facing the community both here in Australia and back in the Philippines. This year’s Tipanan has a theme focussed on the Filipino migrants’ solidarity with the people in the Philippines as they try to attain peace, development, and long-lasting peace amidst the new administration of President Rodrigo Duterte. As an emerging cultural activity, the Tipanan recreated an imaginary classroom and space in studying Philippine Geography through musical performances, poetry reading, short skit, dance, and video presentation. The cultural performance was hosted by two imaginary lecturers as the entire show showcased talents from the Filipino community, who are not professional theatre actors but part of a growing network of organisations and individuals who support the causes and aims of Migrante, including its political ends to raising the level of welfare and cultural development of Filipinos here in Australia.


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