Theatre Practice

To: Love, Depart, and Find

>31 October 2019> Footscray Community Arts Centre, Direction, Writing, Production, Performance

A collaborative project for the Emerging Cultural Leaders Program at Footscray Community Arts Centre, June to October 2019

Losing One/Self Through Meditative Poetry is a performance of words and sound through the practice of meditation. The project interrogates grief by looking at the notion of loss. It examines how one is connected and isolated to feelings of loss during meditation; a practice that is usually associated with religious, Buddhist, or psychological processes of mindfully breathing and concentrating within the present moment. In response to Sasha Leong’s installation, Dan Wei’s performance piece and Thao Ly’s musical composition, this short piece reimagines poetry and performance as an act of meditation and letting go.

Photos by: Gianna Rizzo
Photos by: Gianna Rizzo
Photos by: Gianna Rizzo
Photos by: Gianna Rizzo
Photos by: Gianna Rizzo

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  1. Congratulations My Dear Brother. You are the BEST. For sure our parents are happy now in heaven seeing you soar like an eagle in the sky.

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