Theatre Practice

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Script, Direction, Development, and Production

I AM/WE ARE is a community theatre project that examines the often unrecognised lives of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse communities of the Western suburbs of Melbourne.  As part of the Inclusion, Identity, and connection program by the City of Wyndham, this one-a-half hour of storytelling through theatre and performance connected the lives of migrants, refugees, young people, women, workers, students, and next generation Australians who consider this country a new, temporary, or permanent home.

Presented by Migrante Melbourne Inc. in cooperation with ALPA Melbourne, Australia Asia Performance Community Inc. (AAPC), Australian Karen Cultural Association Inc., African Family Services, and supported by Wyndham City Council and Arts Assist.

2 June 2018 at Laverton Community Hub @ 3:00 pm.

The production coordinating team composed of Filipino and Karen organisations.
Production meeting that lasted for a six month development of the project.
Rehearsal at Wyndham’s Youth Resource Centre.
Rehearsal at Wyndham’s Youth Resource Centre.
Rehearsal at Wyndham’s Youth Resource Centre.
Rehearsal at Wyndham’s Youth Resource Centre.
Performance from the Filipino community.
Singing of a Philippine Indigenous Song about Self-Dertemination, “On Potok.”
The story of the Karen People, their displacement and arrival in a new country like Australia.
Karen dancers performing dances in between storytelling.
A young performer telling the story of strife, struggle, and perseverance of the Karen people.
Two performers telling the story of the African Diaspora globally and in Australia.
Young Africans singing a community song in between stories of hope and settlement of migrants and refugees.
The meeting of the three stories and storytellers of ‘I am/We are…”

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